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The Ohio Art Company is an American toy manufacturing company founded in 1908. Based in Bryan, Ohio, the company is principally engaged in two lines of business. The first line of business is the sales, marketing, and distribution of toys. The second line of business is the company's Diversified Products segment which manufactures custom metal lithography products for food container and specialty premium markets. Examples of these are food tins, enclosures, DVD cases, and nostalgic signs.

John B mentioned in a review "Got sent to the wrong phone extension by an Art employee, and was promptly chewed out by the guy that answered. When he was done being rude, he hung up before I could say a word. I guess this is how they do business.


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Former Employee - Marketer says

"I worked at full-time Cons: The 3rd CEO in 3 years was a poor choice. No retail experience, condescending attitude, led every conversation with "back at Lyft..." Brought in all her own people and, within a year had driven the company into the ground."

Former Employee - Sales Division says

"I worked at full-time for more than 10 years Cons: When I first started working at over a decade ago, it was inspiring. They were trying new things, employing people who had a real interest in the items being sold on the sites. Fast forward a couple years, and it became clear to me that no one had a real vision, and the new people running the company would turn on a dime and essentially burn down the entire house to "innovate", which really meant they'd bring in a bunch of "experts" who had no business dealing in the art business. They used to sell real artwork. Then new management took over and gutted everything, driving out people who'd been there and knew about this specific type of business. Now they let computers vomit out everything they can find and have no one who knows anything about curation and aesthetics. How can you sell art when nobody there would know something interesting even it it jumped off the Emery-Go-Round and mugged them? They don't listen, and they don't care. I worked there for over a decade. Deciding to stop working there was the best decision of my life."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at full-time for less than a year Cons: Very Nice Folks, bad memories"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at full-time for more than 3 years Cons: I have worked at companies where we were agile and did a lot of pivoting based on new data, but there is way too much pivoting at, it makes the operation inefficient and doesn't allow for people to focus on innovation or on implementing interesting ideas that would be better for the company long term."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at full-time for more than 3 years Cons: No clear direction, leadership team is very weak."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at part-time for more than a year Cons: Not in touch with the art world at all - the main business is marketing the same mass produced, library licensed artwork / decor / merchandise that you'd find at Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel. Web tech is years behind - one of the big 2017 victories was releasing an iOS-only shopping app that served up push notifications before the Game of Thrones finale. Lack of strong managerial talent - departments aren't well established and constantly trample over each other with requests. Some workers are working overtime because they're doing the jobs of two people, meanwhile others are taking two 45 minute coffee breaks and a quick jog in the afternoon."

Former Employee - Marketing Specialist says

"I worked at full-time for less than a year Cons: Horrific leadership and top management. It was the most toxic environment I’ve ever had to face! Tech is extremely weak and product inexistent. Entire company strategy is to offer massive discounts while offering a product that declines over the years...stay away!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at full-time for less than a year Cons: At best times, there is no clear vision. Most of the time, however, the strategy/vision changes week-to-week as if the executives have selective amnesia. Decisions are top-down but advertised as bottoms-up. Decisions are not made using data They're unable to retain top talent. Managers are chosen for their social relationships with executives, not their talent or skills as leaders."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at full-time for more than a year Cons: - Lots of great talent leaving. - More upper management than individual contributors that can execute on their ideas. - Leadership changes priorities constantly and are quick to make decisions. - Teams are more silo-ed now more than ever, more than before the new CEO came on board. - Very low morale and employees worried about their jobs - Lots of everyday confusion and chaos, with fires going off on a daily basis."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at full-time for more than a year Cons: Culture: Teams are very siloed and information is not distributed through the company. HR does not do an adequate job hearing out people's needs and concerns. Morale is low and it really shows with how teams interact cross-functionally. Upper Management: Decisions are made quickly with no thought of how it will affect the company and teams down the funnel. Very little invested on employees and their career growth. Pay: Is definitely below industry standards. I worked at for over two years taking on more responsibilities when team members left but only saw a raise three months before I left."

Elise W. says

"A few years ago, I purchased two map prints. Now I'd like the frames. I went back online to purchase the frames. Not only will not sell you the frames after you've purchased prints (you have to buy all at the same time), but I see that the prints now cost a fraction of what I paid for them years ago. I paid just under what prints + frames now cost, for prints only. I wrote to customer service stating my disappointment on both points. They still won't sell me just the frames. I was gouged and still don't have frames. Insult to injury. I can't shop here on principle."

Will says

"Not good framing. We wanted to change the frames for our prints as they were badly framed - some of the text on the front of the print was showing... I mean really? Found out that the prints were actually stuck to foam board and can't be removed. There was no hardboard backing to the frame so the only thing holding the prints to the frame was the foam board. Overall, the prints were badly framed, are now trash as they can't be mounted in another frame, and the original frame was difficult to disassemble - the metal clips that stop the print falling out the back were stapled in after the print was inserted, consequently the foam board had the clips stapled through it. A joke of a service, do not use!"

Ra P says

"Be aware that what they advertise as limited edition prints signed by the artist are reproductions of limited edition prints with a printed signature and NOT hand signed. This is very misleading advertising as it is not stated and very contrary to what every proper art gallery with respect for them selves do."

Steffanie Audel says

"NEVER order from I ordered on Aug 8 and now on Sept 28 have no art and no help from the company. I think they are a scam!!"

I R says

"Very disappointed with their costumer service and overall very bad quality! I wish I’d looked on Trustpilot before making a purchase. Super long shipping time, completely off from what they promise. Won’t buy from them again!"

Hu Mu says

"Made a purchase on on 06/25/2020. The advertisement says that it will ship in 3-5 business days. On 07/05, no shipping. Contacted "Eric" on their website, Eric told me that it would ship on 07/07. On 07/07, still no shipping. Contacted "Debbie" on their website, Debbie told me that they were undergoing a system upgrade and could not look into my order and asked me to get back on 07/08 after 10:00 am EST. Contacted "Ryan" on 07/08 at 11:50 am EST. Ryan told me that they had issues with printing equipment so the order was delayed. "It would be another delay of 10-15 days." Asked Ryan to cancel my order. He said it was cancelled. Asked Ryan to send me a cancellation confirmation email, never received it. I bet this is just some 35-year-old jobless loser guy wearing a SailorMoon tshirt eating mac and cheese running a scam website trying his luck of grabbing other people's money. He plays multiple roles of "Eric", "Debbie", and "Ryan" on different days, just like on Monday, SailorMoon is his virtual wife. On Tuesday, SailorMars is, and on Wednesday SailorVenus is."

Alexis Brown says

"Horrible Customer Service. Literally since the first day of me (and my husband ) attempting to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of Art I was met with rudeness. Their chat people are so indifferent. I was asking an important question about my purchase and they would not give me a straight answer and then just made one up. Sizing is kiiiiiind of important. So when it arrived it was not as they said. My husband placed and order and only one piece arrived prior to our move date and we ordered a month in advance. Every chat, every call was met with incompetence. We called to change the address since they did not ship out my husbands art yet. They said they would "try." I am not sure what that is about. They didn't. I get into a chat with Barry who gives zero F*%ks. I wouldn't be surprised if he was rolling his eyes at every person he was chatting with. He seemed annoyed. I'm just trying to get things figured out. I work for a business where people depend on us. I cannot imagine treating people this way. Finally - I get someone who will help. She cannot process my new shipment but will add me to her docket for that Friday. She even sends an email so we can touch base. She was the only nice person but faded away and never spoke to us again or responded. FINALLY, I get in my last chat. I've given up. Game over. Throwing in the towel. Just give me the money back for the art we have spent HOURS researching and planning for our home. It's JUNE PEOPLE. It should not be TWO MONTHS to receive an order. Not only this but the HORRIBLE service. I would never ever ever recommend this company. I cannot believe I am writing this because I give everyone a second chance. The the IDGAF vibes are seriously ridiculous. They have beautiful art but I would rather go somewhere else and spend even more money for better service. You are the face of the company. Get it together. I will post this on every platform. This is not okay to treat people this way. They were going to keep my money. I had to keep on them about our stuff. To no avail. They finally gave us a refund for what we didn't receive but it was a lot of effort. Run!"

Mia Noxid says

"Their customer service is terrible. I was promised it on a specific date, did not receive it. I received different answers according to which agent I received. It was a complete run-around, rude customer service, a waste of time. Terrible online store, will never order again."

Adam Wayne says

"company lies, promises overnight shipping only to reply oops sorry I am going to cancel my payment now"

Kate B says

"Wish I’d checked the review sites prior to ordering! When my delivery arrived it was the wrong print (different image and size) which is pretty amazing seeing as the packing slip actually had a picture of which print I had ordered on it. Contacted them straight away and was told to do an online return/replacement by sending a picture of what I’d been sent. Did this straight away and requested I be sent the print I’d ordered as it was a Christmas present. Now after having chased them (and it’s only 3 days till Christmas) I’ve been told they are closing there international business so won’t be shipping any more items and so I’ll get a refund instead. Exceptionally poor customer service DO NOT USE"

James Roxby says

"Stay away from Never sent my daughter birthday print after promised Express shipping. Just a horrible company. As it turns out, they have really bad ratings from every site."

John Hughes says

"Prints didn’t arrive when they said they would then the bloody bombard you with spam for months even though you unsubscribe Avoid avoid avoid"

Chris blake says

"Despite company contacting me to say they will remove my email address from their database I still receive 4 spam emails a day from them. Avoid and do not give them your email address"

Nan says

"Purchased a Palouse Evening Abstract acrylic art for $300+. Professionally hung and now its cracking. No help from customer service. If you want art to last past two years, don't buy from here."

Pamela Taylor says

"Ordered premium framed print July 2, 2020. I sent back due to shoddy framing job and certificate of authenticity website said would be with my order...was not. I have been expecting a replacement since Aug. 2020. I was told within past 2 weeks that it would be shipped overnight on Sept. 29. NO. I was then told it would ship this week. NO. Here it is October 5 and I receive an email telling me the print is out of stock and that they had cancelled my order and would be refunding me. It took my leaving a message for their CEO and more phone time with customer service mgr. Elizabeth to find out yes, item no longer available. They say they now that since the order is so "old" that it must be audited and that I should receive my refund shortly after that, approx. 48-72 hrs. She offered me a gift certificate for the balance due me after they had already discounted 50% due to taking so long to expedite order. I told her that I would not be doing future business with them even with their gift certificate. Why would I give my business AGAIN to this poorly run company?!?"

Heather Dawe says

"I ordered artwork on May 8th and the website listed most orders ship in 3-5 days. May 17th they sent an email saying it will be a bit late. It's May 26th and my order has not been sent out yet. When I called last week they said that they are sorry but cannot give me an estimate as to when it will ship out. My original email confirmation didn't alert me that they have fulfillment issues. They continue to advertise and have no late notification alerts on their website, nor on the final page of your cart before you place an order. They still list shipping in 3-5 days. I understand that issues have come up with Covid-19 but it would be appreciated if they had better communication before you place the order and during the waiting process. I'll do another review once I receive the artwork."

Alexa G says

"Cheap posters that end up costing over $150+ when framed. I will not shop there again."

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